Mt Feathertop as seen from Mt Hotham

Mt Feathertop as seen from Mt Hotham


  • New Year’s Day: VK2/RI-004 (Mount Jergyle), VK2/RI-009 (VK2/RI-009) and VK2/RI-010 (VK2/RI-010)
  • VK3/VG-001 (Mt Cope) and VK3/VE-007 (Mt McKay)
  • Mt Emu VK3/VE-061 and Mt Tawonga VK3/VE-076
  • The Twins VK3/VE-017 and Mt Murray VK3/VE-025
  • Mt Big Ben VK3/VE-105 and Mt Stanley VK3/VE-126


Nil, nada, zilch! Work always seems to interfere with the really important stuff, like SOTA activating…


  • Granite Mountain VK2/SW-015 and Pilot Reef VK2/SW-021
  • Unnamed Summits VK3/VE-159 and VK3/VE-242
  • Unnamed Summits VK3/VE-064, VK3/VE-066 and Mt Selwyn VK3/VE-049


  • Blue Rag Range: Unnamed Summit VK3/VE-024, Mt Blue Rag VK3/VE-021 and Blue Rag Range VK3/VE-015
  • Mt Granya VK3/VE-165

May 2015

  • Unnamed Summit VK2/RI-008 and Mt Pleasant VK2/RI-007

June 2015

  • Unnamed Summit VK3/VE-241 and Lockhart VK3/VE-135
  • Munderoo VK2/RI-005 and Wagra VK2/RI-003

September 2015

  • Mt Baranduda VK3/VE-189

October 2015

  • Mt Benambra VK3/VE-041 and Mt Cravensville VK3/VE-058

November 2015

  • Mt Lawson VK3/VE-129
  • Jingellic VK2/RI-001

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