About Me

I’ve held Amateur Radio licences in various places around the world since taking out my first under the callsign G4LGK in 1981.  Since then I’ve held the callsigns VS6WU (Hong Kong, 1988 to 1990), VK6BKP (Western Australia, 1993), VK2IDS (NSW, 1995) and now VK2IB.

Bernard VK2IB Somewhere in the Great Outdoors

Bernard VK2IB Somewhere in the Great Outdoors

In recent years I haven’t been particularly active on the air, restricting myself to occasional appearances on VHF and UHF repeaters from my vehicle.  I don’t currently have a station set up at home, where there are space limitations and the electronic racket produced by neighbours’ plasma TVs makes HF operation all but impossible.

Since discovering the SOTA programme I’ve been enjoying taking radio equipment out into the bush, both “activating” and “chasing” SOTA summits and generally having a good time getting back into this fascinating hobby.

Update: March 2016 – I’ve now received word from the UK licence authority (Ofcom) that my UK licence (G4LGK) has been reissued, so next time I visit I’ll be able to use it.  I’m quite looking forward to it!

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